Digital revolution

Times when simple static websites were enough have passed long time ago.
There is no secret that nowadays clients expect broad functionality, interactivity and maximum
performance. Companies tend to create custom applications for their businesses.
Now it is not enough to create few simple lines of JavaScript code located in HTML.

Experience is the key. In 2018 Java is still the most popular programming language in the world.

New programming tools:
Considering increasing demand for IT services there are constantly new tools being developed or should we call it – programming platforms which are defining application structure and deliver general components and libraries.
Programmers using frameworks such as AngularJS or VueJS are creating web applications through adjustment of specific elements defined by client. It is worth to mention TypeScript which is allowing error elimination by static typing of random errors. This method increases quality and performance of applications. On the chart above (based on google trends) we can observe that in the past 2 years the biggest loss reached AngularJS.
Nowadays it is as popular as NodeJS which maintained in the same place in the chart. IT industry is now most dynamic and fastest evolving market in the world but one thing is for sure: the future belongs to cloud web apps!
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