How we manage projects

In JSQL, we always use Agile methodology and Scrum. We always monitor project progress, we set the stages and always check the possibility of changes during the project, usually not affecting the deadline.



What tools do we use for project management

We have run our projects based on tools such as JIRA, Confluence, Redmine and Bitbucket. Thanks to these tools, projects are carried out transparently, meticulously, and allow us and the client to monitor progress and create documentation.



Technologies we use

Our team is a group of specialists in a full technological stac. We are able to complete the project from A to Z, including server configuration and design. We have extensive experience in backend technologies such as: Java EE, Spring, Hibernate, Grails, PHP, Laravel, as well as frontend technologies such as: JavaScript, AngularJS, Angular 5, jQuery, SASS, HTML, CSS. In the area of mobile applications, we use native technologies for Android (Java, Kotlin) and iOS (Swift, C Objective). In addition, we have experience in specialized tools and systems such as IBM iLog, ERP, BI, Enterprise Architect, JBoss, IBM Informix.



Our experience



A platform for learning programming

PHP, Laravel



Training management system

Java, Groovy, Spring, Angular, Java EE, Hibernate, Postgres, WordPress




Currency investment service

Grails, Angular, Postgres, Groovy




Commercial insurance module

Java EE




Business Intelligence type system and integration with ERP systems

Java EE, Hibernate, Postgres




Shopping application integrated with online and stationary store

Spring, Java, Groovy, Java EE, Hibernate, Postgres, Android, iOS




Purchase application for prepaid cards

Android, iOS




Car advertising portal

Grails, Groovy, Postgres




Freight forwarding system

Java EE, Hibernate, Postgres




Translation service portal

PHP, Laravel, Angular, MySQL



Application for ordering appointments at the hairdresser

PHP, MySQL, Android, iOS



Software for business process modeling

Java EE, Postgres



Internet banking

Java EE




A platform for handling online payments

Spring, Angular, WordPress, Java, Groovy




Recognition of human figures from the video stream using AI

Java, Java EE, MySQL




Application for managing waste collection and registration

PHP, Spring, Java, Java EE, Hibernate, MySQL




Service for server management and continous integration





Design and implementation of a database for a pharmaceutical company





Designing and implementing a database for the dean’s office





A system for placing orders based on fashion preferences

PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Angular




E-learning application in the field of programming

Android, iOS




Telecommunications antennae management system

Java, Java EE, Angular, JS, HTML, CSS, Postgres




Application for monitoring and handling inventory

Java, Groovy, Spring, AngularJS, JS, HTML, CSS, Postgres




A system for conducting online security trainings

PHP, Moodle




A system for conducting online training in the field of computer use

PHP, Moodle




Online store for car rentals

PHP, Magento, JS, HTML, CSS, MySQL




Website of the financial company

PHP, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JS




Website of a hairdressing salon for animals

PHP, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JS




Website for ordering medical appointments

PHP, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JS




Real estate ads page

PHP, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JS




Events service website

PHP, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JS