Stockgames is an iGaming application that allows you to play on the virtual stock market.

Customers can trade shares and earn or lose money – fully adjustable by the platform owner to improve earnings.


The application is fully adapted to modern standards and is part of the iGaming industry providing an unforgettable, addictive gameplay for players.

The application is fully customizable from the administration level so that the owner can freely change the layout of the application, define functionalities, and modify prices, transactions, payments, add languages and generate reports.

One of the most important feature is to automate the entire content creation process. Computer will decide how to handle players. The profits are adequate to the ones set by the owner.


Thanks to the modern approach, the application is able to support millions of players. It is possible to host it in modern services such as cloud and work even in the event of failure of one of the subsystems.

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